Remote Assistance


Quicker Response Time


Reduction In Overall Costs With No Travel


Requires Little Configuration

Increased Uptime

  • Available for both new & existing customers
  • Network, server, workstation, laptop & internet issues
  • Team is available during normal business hours
  • We try to limit remote jobs to work that can be accomplished in 2 hours or less

We provide “Remote Assistance” with one goal in mind – to give you the ability to do what you do best and to get you back to running your business.

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Phone + Internet

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  • NBN Co Plans
  • 4G Plans
  • Domain & website hosting
  • Network setup and maintenance
  • Basic phone set up
  • Cloud based PABX phone systems
  • Exchange based email hosting

Data Recovery

Lost some data? Need it back? Let us help you!

When the job goes very smoothly and your physical drive is not faulty, with the file structure intact.

1 – 2 days to complete

Software based recovery
When the drive is physically fine however the file structure is broken. We can access the data using specialised software.

2 – 5 days to complete

Software & hardware based recovery
When the drive has a physical fault but we are able to use our specialised hardware to clone your failing drive across to a spare drive that we can then use to recover your data from.

1 – 3 weeks to complete

Laboratory environment required
When parts in your physical drive need to be replaced and we are unable to the job onsite, we send it to a partnering business in Sydney.

When your drive has a physical fault and our tools are unable to detect your drive, our partners in Sydney can recover the data in their lab and ship a replacement drive back to us. In some instances, we are unable to recover data from extremely faulty drives.

4 – 8 weeks to complete

Other Services

  • Cloud based data storage
  • Exchange based email hosting
  • New and used laptops and desktops
  • PC & laptop repairs
  • Onsite & workshop service
  • Mac repairs
  • Basic IT assistance for companies that have their own IT support
  • Custom drone builds & repairs
  • Managed print services – OKI & Brother repair certified*

*Machine must have been purchased through The Computer Workshop

We’re Here To Help

Our team of motivated technicians are qualified to help with all your IT problems.